Welcome to Empface Productions!

At Empface Productions, we create compelling travelogues for broadcast or promotional use from destinations worldwide.

What makes our travelogues better than the current fare?

First, we use primarily still photography. It is true that some subject matter, such as dance, may be better viewed as a movie.

But much of travel imagery is best viewed with still photography, where the viewer can revel in both the subject matter and the artistry of the image simultaneously.
Portraiture is one such example. By presenting a stationary image, portrait photography highlights subtle facial expressions and characteristics that easily remain unobserved in the moving image. The same can be said of landscape and architectural imagery.

Second, travel programming on offer today suffers from a self-imposed distancing from the subject matter. Few, if any, travel shows engage the viewer in meaningful interaction with the local population. Moreover, today's programming often has no storyline, and therefore comes across as generic and bland.

This distancing separates viewers from the travel experience, who are left with an emptiness in their attempt to understand the reality of traveling to a given destination.

Empface Productions eliminates such distancing by using the technique of personal narrative. This subjective viewpoint presents a format that is seldom encountered on television: the narrated photo essay.

This format allows for brief, storytelling segments that are personal, unique and compelling. Our travelogues are thus able to draw the viewer into the journey and cut to the heart of the travel experience, which for us is a celebration of the diversity of humanity.

Finally, Empface Productions brings the viewer an unsanitized image of regions and events seldom highlighted on travel television. In our production,
Don't Forget the Sunsets, sail to Timbuktu in The Fate of the Kaiwaranie – and sink! Join us as we hike Dogon Country without a guide in That Doggone Dogon Myth. Hear a man speak of islands off the northern coast of Papua New Guinea that are sinking due to rising seas in No More John.

Our latest production,
Koteka Quest – Trekking the Baliem Valley, takes viewers to the highlands of Papua, Indonesia, in search of the vestiges of the koteka, or penis sheath.

Should you wish to view one of our productions, click on the above links or simply contact us for a complimentary copy.

I trust you will find the still photography inspirational, the narratives compelling, and above all, that our perspective breathes new life into travel programming.

Let your heart soar!

Empface Productions